Foster /ˈfɒstə : a verb meaning to encourage the development of something, especially something desirable.

About Us

Our Mission

At Foster Capital Partners, we aim to facilitate the deployment and allocation of capital into meaningful investments and projects to create win-win situations for all stakeholders. We foster the capital of our investor clients and the projects that they finance.

Our Approach

Foster Capital Partners brings together highly experienced domain specialists who fully understand the investment opportunities offered and sought by our clients on either side of the project.
The close cooperation between the Foster Capital experts and advisors means that we are uniquely able to create real added value by connecting the dots in a meaningful and diligent manner.

Areas of Expertise

Structured Credit

Banks, lending companies, corporates and fintechs can raise financing backed by the assets that they originate and/or hold on their balance sheet. Such assets include mortgage loans, consumer credits and corporate credits.

We work with originators and investors to facilitate private and public issuance of debt instruments and/or credit derivatives, backed by granular portfolios of assets. Examples include warehouse financing, securitisations, whole loan portfolio sales and credit default swap transactions.

Structured Credit transactions typically aim to provide funding, risk management and/or regulatory capital management solutions for the originator, creating opportunities for sophisticated investors.

In some cases, the transaction is driven by a need to manage an esoteric situation linked to distressed or non-performing assets and special macro circumstances.

Specialised Industries Financing

Those industries operate capital-intensive assets, usually with long economic life and traded on secondary markets. Their financing requires expert knowledge of the underlying asset, its industry and the specific financing model of that asset. Typically, financiers of such assets benefit from a security interest over that asset.

Specialized Industries include transportation (commercial air, sea and land transportation), real estate (office, residential, commercial, logistic, hospitality…), renewable energy and entertainment business (film financing, rights catalogue…).
The assets financed may include buildings, hotels, portfolios of films, commercial aircrafts, ships, windfarms…
Depending on the financiers and investors requirements, the capital structure of these financings offers different risk-return profiles. The financing is usually long term but may be structured otherwise to meet the financiers/investors requirements.

Special Situations

Special situation investment opportunities can take many forms and involve multiple asset classes.

Examples include corporate restructuring, asset sales, spinoffs, under- or non-performing assets, companies in distress, litigation and complex esoteric corporate situations.

Special opportunities can arise as a result of regulatory changes, government policy changes, corporate restructuring, technology led disruption, sector or corporate under-performance, event risk, etc.

At Foster Capital, we work with investors seeking specific esoteric investments and originators needing to raise capital and/or manage risks to resolve specific situations.


The finance industry is undergoing profound changes, driven by regulatory pressure and influences from other industries as sector boundaries are blurring.

New technologies and innovative business models enable the emergence of new companies putting pressures on incumbents.

We work with innovators and incumbents alike, providing strategic insights and creating investment and partnership opportunities within the FinTech, RegTech and WealthTech sphere.